Mechanical watches, like most other mechanical items require regular servicing in order to keep them working properly and keep accurate time. Most watches require servicing every 3-5 years as the lubrication dries out and can cause accelerated wear to the delicate moving parts.

Walsh Jewellery use a certified Rolex repair technician meaning you are guaranteed to have your timepiece looked at by a specialist and only genuine Rolex parts used. Despite being Rolex specialists, we can also service most other premium brands of mechanical watches, such as Omega, Breitling, etc.

Our standard watch servicing comprises of the following steps :-

  • Complete disassembly of the case and all moving parts
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of the case and all mechanically moving parts
  • Lubrication of the movement according to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Movement regulated in five positions
  • Refinishing/repolishing of the case and bracelet
  • All gaskets and seals replaced
  • Case reassembled and pressure tested to ensure water tightness
  • Watch monitored for 48 hours to ensure accurate timekeeping (-4/+6 sec per 24 hours)


Due to the very nature of mechanical watches it’s impossible to give an accurate price and timescale for service or repair without a visual inspection to assess the level of work required. As a guide, for a standard service we will require your watch for usually 4 to 6 weeks, although this can vary depending upon parts availability and the like. Repairs can take longer depending on the extent of the damage. Quotes can be provided over the phone or preferably by email, however, without physical inspection they are purely that and may not represent the true cost of repair.

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